Tin & White Metal

TIN and white metal

TIN and white metal Bearings extensively used in Turbine, Electric Motors, High H.P. Marine Engines, Petrol Engines and other applications such as Camshaft Bushes, Thrust Washers auxiliary drive shaft bushes, etc.
(i) Steel Backed Tin Based Babbitt (White Metal) This is a very popular and historical bearing material. It contains 90% Tin as matrix with Antimony & Copper as alloying elements. It has excellent properties of embeddability, conformability & resistance to seizure.
(ii) Steel Backed Lead Based Babbitt (White Metal)
This is Lead based Babbitt containing 90% Lead and has similar properties as Tin based Babbitt but is softer than it. Lead based Babbitt have one disadvantage that they are prone to corrosion at higher operating temperatures. Beside this limitation, they are equally good as Tin based Babbitt and can substitute them in most of applications. Camshaft Bushes of allmost of all engines are of Lead based material due to their excellent conformability
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Specifications :-

C51000 Rod : ½” Dia. thru 6”

C51000 Plate : 3/16” Thick

C51000 Plate : ¼” Thick

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