Mild Steel

Mild Steel

Vikas metals offer mild steel products like mild steel bars, mild steel pipes, mild steel angles, mild steel channels, rods, flats and sheets, made using mild steel. This product is highly popular in the industry and finds application in diverse industries. Furthermore, the products are made using premium quality raw material, which includes En 8, 9, 19, 24, 31, 36, 41:b Etc.
Structural Steel Channels are used for construction of bridges, building, industrial sheds and structure also for manufacturing of ship and many other utilities.

Sizes ranges from 75x40 to 400x100.

Our product range includes
M.S Wire, M.S Fitting, Mild Steel Anchor, Mild Steel Butt Weld Fitting, Mild Steel Forged Fitting, Mild Steel Flanges, Mild Steel Sheets, Mild Steel Plates, Mild Steel Angles, MS TMT Bar, Mild Steel Products, M.S Angles, MS Anchor, M.S Sheet.

Specifications :-

Mild steel rods

Width: From 12 mm up to 50 mm &From 300 mm to 1250 mm
Length: In Coil form & From 0.3 mm to 8 mm and above
Thickness: From 1.6 mm up to 6 mm & From 1250 mm up to 2500

Mild Steel Angle :

Size Thickness Sectional Area Weight /Metre Centre of Gravity Moments of Inertia Cxx=Cyy Ixx=Iyy A x B T a W (mm x mm) (mm) (cm2) (Kg) (cm) (cm4) 20x20 3.00 1.12 0.9 0.59 0.4

Mild Steel Channels


SMC, ISLC-125x65mm; · ISMC, ISLC-150x75mm; · ISMC, ISLC-200x75mm; · ISMC, ISLC-250x80mm; · ISMC, ISLC-300x90mm.

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