Gunmetal Alloys

Gunmetal alloys

We offer a large variety of products made with gunmetal alloys that includes gun metal rods, gun metal bars and more.
These gunmetal alloys are acclaimed for their sturdiness, resistance from salt & steam, good strength and rust resistance.
Our range is used for bearings where loads and speeds are moderate. We offer gunmetal alloys in vast variety of grades and specifications which are catering to the demands of different industries.
Typical uses : - Bearings, bushings, pump, impellers, piston rings, pumps bodies valve components, steam fittings, gears etc.

Specifications :-

G1 / Grade I : 88/10/2

G12/ Grade II : 88/8/4

G3 : 85/7/2.5/5.5

LG1: 83/3/9/5

LG2 : 85/5/5/5

LG3 : 86/7/5/2

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