Phosphor Bronze

Phosphor Bronze

Vikas Metals phosphor bronze alloys offer resistance towards fatigue and chemical corrosion, so they are used for varied application in various industries such as in heavy engineering, defense, aviation, electrical and more..
We maintain an extensive inventory of Phosphor Bronze (C510) in plate, sheet, and rod form. C51000 is readily soldered and brazed and is suitable for arc welding with filler metal of similar composition. Copper Alloy 510 is commonly used for fasteners, spring components, and welding rods. C510 is excellent for drawing, spinning, blanking or any drastic cold working applications.
Typical uses : - Electrical connectors,Bushings,Gears,Pinions

Specifications :-

C51000 Rod : ½” Dia. thru 6”

C51000 Plate:3/16” Thick

C51000 Plate: ¼” Thick

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