Aluminium is used in buildings for a wide spectrum of applications. These include roofing for factories which incorporate foil vapour barriers, windows and pre formed sheet cladding features, doors, canopies and fronts for shops and prestigious buildings, architectural hardware and fittings, rainwater goods and replacement windows...
Aluminium structures and cladding are also used to refurbish many of the concrete structures' which are now showing signs of deterioration and spoiling. The 1000, 3000, 5000 and 6000 wrought series alloys will perform, with no reduction of strength, without protection even in industrial and marine environments. They may however suffer some deterioration in their appearance and protection by painting or anodising can be advisable.

Some of our Products:-

Aluminium Grills,Aluminium Composite Panels ,Aluminium High Tensile Ladder,Aluminium Sheets etc

Specifications :-

C51000 Rod : ½” Dia. thru 6”

C51000 Plate : 3/16” Thick

C51000 Plate : ¼” Thick

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